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Arty & Eric Radio Show – 2014-06-29 – EP 044


Click to Download: 2014-06-29 – Ep044 or hit play below

Arty and Eric live at their new home on WEMF Radio in Cambridge MA. Miss Packie 2013 and model entrepreneur Stina Leigh is in studio. Stina talks about her new businesses,  vegan bueaty and a fitnes program Stina Leigh Fit. We learn about Stina and some of her interests. Memories of Eric’s ex-girl come up and he gets a angry. Also you can’t Spell American party without Eric and Arty. We break down how certian adjitives to describe hottnes mean other things. Arty and Eric Break down song lyrics and find out what they really mean. “Show me to the subway, and I’ll go down” for example. We talk a little World Cup Soccer talk. Arty talks about watching Honey Boo Boo and how hot Kate is from Kate plus 8. This show is brought to you by The Pack [dot] Com for all your sports, chicks and drinking needs. Also a whirl wind report by Adam Mallett. Show produced by Dave C. of WEMF Radio.

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