Throw Back Thursday – When Arty 84 was a “Rocker”


So since it is Throw Back Thursday, I thought I dig out some of the greatness from my childhood. Long before I was a radio star, I was a drummer in the moderately interesting band from Revere call, Average 6. Average 6, ah yes, the average size of a penis. A name that 4 16 year old boys found very amusing. Our first name was Accident Prone, but changed it when we found out that was already another bands name and we might make it big some day and cant have the same name. Yea that didn’t happen, but we changed the name anyways. 84 sheep dog, yes….. Why you ask? Well we loved Dumb and Dumber and we were born in 84. We were then Load 84, as in Bust a load and 84 again. We settled on Average 6 on a 3 way call one night in Feb of 2001. Over the next 15 years, we recorded a few songs there and there and I thought today I would celebrate our catalog for you, enjoy and have a good laugh.

Late to Logan Project

The Saddest Song – 2008

Late to Logan – “The Saddest Song”

That’s What She Said – 2008

Late to Logan – “that’s what she said”

Feelings Glow – 2005

Late to Logan – “feelings glow”

Arty & Joe Project

The Yellow Jeep – 2012

Arty & Joe Project- “Yellow Jeep”

Teenage Romance

Arty & Joe Project- “Teenage Romance”

Summer 04 – 2004

Arty & Joe Project- “Summer 04”

How Do You Like Me Know – 2004

Arty & Joe Project- “How Do You Like Me Know”

Average 6

Cheeseburger Song – 2000

Average 6- “Cheesburger Song”

Dark Day 2000

Average 6- “Dark Day”

Cheerleader Song – 2000

Average 6- “Cheerleader Song”

Damn It – 2000

Average 6- “Damn It”

Waiting (Live) – 2001

Average 6- “Waiting” Live

Summer (Live) – 2001

Average 6- “Summer” Live

Cheerleader Song (Live) – 2001

Average 6- “Cheerleader Song” Live

Dreamer – 2001

Average 6- “Dreamer”

Load 84 / 84 Sheep Dog

Procrastinator – 1999

Load 84 – “Procrastinator”

Zips – 1999

Load 84 – “Zips”

Load – 1999

Load 84 – “Load”

That’s What She Said – 1999

Load 84 – “That’s What She Said”

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