Clark Wong Files Charges Against Crawford For Spraying Water


Clark Wong is an embarrassment to hockey fans. Nothing gets me more annoyed than fans acting completely absurd. This whole story really drives me crazy.

If you haven’t heard , Monday night Wong was harassing Crawford the netminder of the Blackhawks. From what I understand Crawford become annoyed with this pest of a fan and sprayed him with a water bottle. Spraying water at somebody harassing you is possibly the nicest thing you could do besides walking away. If most of us were getting harassed on the street I doubt we would be as gentle. Crawford had every right to spray water to get someone away from harassing him.

Now Wong has filed charges against Crawford which makes me want to vomit. Hockey is/was for a tough crowd, tough players and tough fans. These actions are about as tough as the tooth fairy. If your going to harass someone you should expect some sort or retaliation. This reminds me of the stupid ass bruins wannabe fans that brought up Subbans race. There are a handful of sour non fans that think they are fans out there. I think I speak for all of us true NHL fans when I say that these people need to just stop attending our games.

-Joe C-

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