Boston (not) Strong!!!!


Serious why get racist just because P.K. Subban scored twice? Please stop. This is not Django Unchained, we are not stuck in the 1800’s either. This is the NHL, a sport, it’s just a game! If you have to turn into a classless, white trash, bigot then you shouldn’t be watching. This is why the Celtics cannot get quality basketball free agents. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the Bruins have a African American player on the team, and you know I’d like to have him resigned. This is probably why he chose the Penguins last season and I don’t blame him.  Not to mention the one person you’re being racist to, has a younger brother in the Bruins organization. He is a top goalie prospect and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is now thinking “how are they going to treat me when I blow a game?” if I was Malcom Subban I’d be asking to leave. I love this city but when this shit happens it makes wish I was from somewhere else. File under Boston Weak!

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