NHL In Seattle Dreams Are Dead….


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For us NHL fans here in Seattle the hopes, dreams, and hype of an NHL team was a very real thing. We were all talking about it. We were all excited that the city had moved on to something besides landing an NBA team and then we realized we are f*&ked. Gary Bettman just said “there’s really not a whole lot of point in even going further in the thought process”. He said this because the arena proposal by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer is all about the NBA. Hansen wants nothing more than an NBA team here and he clearly doesn’t give a shit about Seattle getting an NHL team first. Fellow NBA lovers here in Seattle hail him a king for trying to get this accomplished , but Hansen may be becoming a hated figure for NHL hopefuls here. 

Sure Hansen is a great guy, he brought hopes to this city that he would try his best to get an NBA team in the city. He didn’t pay attention to the fact that the NBA is NOT looking to expand any time soon. He had a dream and still does which is admirable, but he also crushed us NHL fans dreams as well. Instead of taking on an NHL team  and going forward with plans to build an arena he has decided to decline and say NBA only first.

If an NHL team did arrive in Seattle that would make it much easier to snag up an NBA team after, but the first team here gets schedule rights. Hansen did say that if someone comes forward for the majority of NHL costs he would play as a minority owner. All of this really pisses me off. Seattle is losing a great shot at an NHL team and who the hell knows when the NBA will be willing to expand here. Once or if that happens the NHL may have moved on an expanded elsewhere leaving Seattle in the dust as usual.

-Joe C-



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