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First Time In Our Lives The Celtics, Lakers, And Knicks All Fail To Make Post Season

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What the hell is going on in the NBA? I am not saying we expected any of these teams to make a deep run this year, but never in my life has this happened. Ask any non fan who they think has a good chance at winning it all this year and they would say the Celtics or the Lakers, hell maybe some would even say the Knicks, but in the first time in NBA history all three of these teams are out of the playoffs.

The Celtics we all know are going through a rebuilding phase and lets hope they do it right. We all had a great ride with a few recent years of success, but here we are again. Our team is meh and we all aren’t sure of what is to come next. At the same exact time Lakers fans are feeling the same way. There are a lot of LA fans though that are excited about the Clippers finally becoming relevant recently.

Some things are normal like the Spurs and Thunder making runs. The Heat are still the Heat , but even the Trailblazers are a factor? The Nets just finished up a sweep of the Heat in their series this year? What the hell is going on? Change is. We see it all the time, it just sucks when your team is sitting out and our cheering for the season has come to an end. Lets all hope we get some good picks, maybe trade down for a trade , or just somehow start to get our teams back where they used to be. I can’t go another couple of decades with a so-so team again.

-Joe C-

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