Great Sports Conspiracy Theories Part 2


Part two of Great Sports Conspiracies…

The Superbowl III Conspiracy
The Claim: Superbowl III Jets vs Colts was fixed for the Jets to win.
The Story: The 10-year old AFL was merging with the NFL. Fans were not accepting of it. If the Colts won the NFL could have lots million of dollars and the Super Bowl might have ceased to exist if the Jets didn’t win
Could it be true: This makes a lot of sense. It’s very likely, especially with millions of dollars at stake but there isn’t enough evidence. I find it odd that at this point no evidence has ever surfaced, only speculation. So what if Jets QB Joe Namath guranteed a victory? Is it that uncommon for athletes to feel so confident or cocky that they predict a win. So what if Colts QB Earl Morrall tossed three Interceptions? Haven’t we seen even better elite players crack in the big spotlight? (ahem… Peyton Manning who is 9-11 in the playoffs) So what if the Colts were heavy favorites? Haven’t we seen an underdog win before? You would think after all this time someone out of all those employed by the Jets, Colts or even the NFL would have leaked something by now. That’s a lot of people to keep quiet.

The Spygate Cover-up Conspiracy
The Claim: The NFL helped cover up and minimize the New England Patriots spying scandal.
The Story: We all know the Patriots were disciplined by the NFL for video taping New York Jets signals during a 2007 game. The Patriots turned over tapes and notes on opponents defensive signals. The NFL then reviewed and destroyed the materials. Six months later an unnamed source claimed the Patriots videotaped the St. Louis Rams practice in 2002.
Could it be true: I could go both ways with this. It’s possible the NFL found a treasure trove of evidence in there investigation that undeniably showed the Patriots used this taping method for many games which resulted in a lot of wins! The NFL couldn’t just  go back at this point and change all those wins to losses and it would have embarrassed the NFL. So they quickly destroyed the evidence. On the other hand though, If the Patriots really thought what they were doing was wrong,  I find it hard to believe that the Patriots would just leave evidence, tapes and notes all over the place to find.

The 1985 NBA draft lottery conspiracy
The Claim The NBA draft/lottery was rigged so #1 pick Patrick Ewing would endup with the Knicks.
The Story: With the Knicks being a big market cash cow team but sucking badly, the commissioner knowingly picked the Knicks envelope in the lottery pool so they could pick budding superstar Patrick Ewing. Some claim the envelope was stored in freezer before being placed in the bowl so the commissioner would know which envelope to select.
Could it be true: I’ve seen the video and it does look suspicious and when millions of dollars are at stake anything is possible.

The Superbowl blackout conspiracy
The Claim: The blackout that occured in 2013 during Super Bowl XLVII was created by the NFL because um the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell hates the Baltimore Ravens! and didn’t want a blowout.
The Story: The Baltimore Ravens were kicking the 49ers asses 28-6 early in the third quarter. The power then went out. Baltimore lost all there momentum, but hung on for a 34-31 win. The blackout was created to hopefully jump start the 49ers and get them back into the game so it wouldn’t be a blowout and people would still tune in.
Could it be true: I seriously doubt there is any truth to this theory. Yes, it’s a strange coincidence the power went it but we have seen Super Bowl blowouts before and nothing ever happend to stop the game. Futhermore, pulling the plug is no guarantee that the other team will suddenly get better. Certain Ravens players like Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis have expressed that the feel the blackout was on purpose but I think they have just taken too many hits to the head and now experience paranoia on a regular basis.

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