Top Cities – # 98 – Worcester, Massachusetts

index City # 98 - Worcester, Massachusetts Visited - 2006,2010,2013 Reason - once for work, a few times for a concert and best friend dated a girl who lived near by

Recap: As a masshole its kills me to put a masshole city this close to Detroit, but what you going to do. I am a journalist and I must be completely bi-parterson. Worcester is an old factory town, where workers who do the third shift still go out and get a beer at 6AM after they are done, and sometimes during work.

Listen, there are worse places on the planet, which is a true fact since this is #98 not 100. Literally there is a bad side of the tracks in this town. we went out drinking one night and accidentally ventured over the tracks and I am lucky I still have wheels on my car.

They have good concerts at the Worcester Centrum or whatever it is called now. I did see a guy blow through a stop sign and a cop smack his car with a flash light putting an awesome dent in it. Never date a girl from Worcester or the area. They are worse then girls from South Boston and they probably are carrying a weapon too.

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