DJax Goes To The Redskins And It Just Won’t Work

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DJax just signed a 3 year 24 million dollar deal with the Redskins and I guarantee one year in he will be complaining about it. Why do I say this? Because he did just that after signing a deal with the Eagles last year. Desean Jackson may have had some photos with known gang members and he maybe threw some gang signs in photos as well, but that isn’t even why I don’t respect him as an athlete.

Lets get this straight, as an athlete for a professional team you are an employee. This means you need to show up on time, attend meetings, respect your boss and not complain. Well DJax thinks just because of  his talent he should be able to do all of those. The Eagles tossed this guy just because of that and any employer out there would do the same thing if they had an employee that acted that way. This guy needs to show some class.  Showing up late for meetings and bitching about the job would get most people I know fired. The Eagles have my full respect for doing just that.

Now he goes to the Redskins which is the worst possible place for him. He needs to be with a team that has a veteran coach that would put him in his place. Instead the team with an unsure of himself Quarterback and a brand new NFL coach sign him. This is just a disaster waiting to happen. I am sure lots of people disagree with me and think DJax is going to do great. All I can say is talk to me halfway through the season when the Redskins are a big mess like they always are lately.

-Joe C-

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