Biggest Draft Busts in Sports History


If you think about it the sports world is filled with more losers than winners. The vast majority of players drafted never make it. However, some players look so good in College or High School they are projected to become superstars. This is my list of some of the biggest draft busts in sports history.

Brien Taylor –  First overall pick by the New York Yankees in the 1991 draft.
Reason for being a bust: Fighting
Taylor was expected to be the second coming of Christ. He was swiftly making his way through the Yankee farm system and was expected to be a top starter at a very young age. Then it all came crashing down. Taylor dislocated his shoulder and tore his labrum in a bar fight defending his brother. He was never the same again. He has since had several legal problems from cocaine distribution to child abuse.

Ryan Leaf – Number two overall pick by the San Diego Chargers 1998 draft.
Reason for being a bust: He sucked and he was an asshole
You can’t have an article like this without mentioning Ryan Leaf. The 1998 draft it was all about Ryan Leaf vs Payton Manning. Who is was the better quarterback..Well we all know how that turned out. Leaf was horrible all around on field and wouldn’t  take direction from anyone. Ryan Leaf no doubt screwed up this franchise for years.

Sam Bowie – Number two overall pick by the Trailblazers in 1984
Reason for being a bust: Injuries and being drafted before Michael Jordan! You can’t live upto that!
Sam Bowie was never horrible. I never understood why he was drafted so high though. While nobody could have ever predicted Jordan would become a legend.  It should have been easy to see Bowie was going to have an injury filled NBA career. Sure, he was a great 7’1 center. However he missed two full seasons at Kentucky.

JaMarcus Russell – Number one overall pick by the Raiders in 2007.
Reason for being a bust: Sucking!
In 25 starts he completed only 52.1% of  his  passes threw 18 touchdowns, 23 interceptions and had a passer rating of 65.2. Oakland also invested  $61 million dollars in him and 32 million of it was guaranteed! He is trying to make a comeback and many teams have contacted him. He is currently injured but there is a good chance we haven’t seen the last of him in the NFL.

Lawrence Phillips – Sixth overall pick by the St Louis Rams in 1996
Reason for being a bust: Being an asshole
Phillips was an incredible running back in college. Many people feel Phillips would have been the number one pick, if he wasn’t such a dick. No seriously! He refused to attend team meetings, has assaulted girlfriends, assault with a deadly weapon. The best story though is he actually got into an argument with a bunch of teenagers during a pick-up football game and drove his car into them. In 2009 he was sentenced to 31-years in jail for assaulting his girlfriend and running over those teens with his car…What a great guy!

It always pisses me off when I see athletes take there abilities for granted and go down the toilet. Afterall, you are being paid millions of dollars to play a kids game. Why would you not try your hardest and keep yourself together?

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