The Jeter Farewell Tour Begins – Houston


Last night in Houston, the Astro’s started off the Jeter farewell tour. As many teams did for Rivera last year, its now #2’s turn. Derek Jeter, although a Yankee, is one of my all time favorite shortstops and probably the most consistent and pure baseball guy in the last 20 years. I like how teams honor great baseball players as they make their way through for their last time. There are not many players who have a chance to make this grand exit. Most players either have their careers ended with an injury or end up being cut. Very few actually get to say this will be my last season and I will play it out.

Houston kicked things off in a big way. Former Yankee’s and residents of the Houston Area, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte and Mike Stanton greeted Jeter at the mound to present him his going away gifts along with Astros radio announcer, Milo Hamilton . The gifts were a pair of Lucchese pinstriped cowboy boots with the #2 on the side, A good old 5 gallon Stetson cowboy hat and since the PGA is in town, the third gift was a set of Titleist golf clubs. Not to bad for day 1.

The Yankees are off to Toronto this weekend. It is unsure if the Blue Jays will present the going away gift then or wait until July or August when the Yankees visit again.

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