After Requesting A Release Wilfork Comes Back To Patriots






Vince Wilfork has long been a big name in New England so the news a few weeks back of him requesting a leave left us all a little rattled. We all thought after hearing this that Wilfork would obviously be let go by the Pats and move on to some other team. Well looks like it isn’t exactly playing out that way.

Vince just signed a new deal with the Pats keeping him in New England for at least the upcoming season. He signed a one year deal for $8 million, with $3 million guaranteed. He also has an option for two more years that has the potential to reach  $22.5 million. I think this all gives us Pats fans a big sigh of relief. I mean Wilfork has been a Pat since being drafted in 2004 and has become a franchise name for us. With the Pats building up their defense on the outside Wilfork brings that dagger we need in the middle back. He is one of the best defensive tackles in the game and I am damn happy he is sticking around. If I am right here he has been the longest current member to the Pats only behind Brady. He has been and thankfully will continue to be the face of our defensive side of the ball.

It looks like the Pats are also considering drafting a high bidding receiver. To me and I am right here, the Pats are obviously not messing around anymore and realized they can’t cut corners and just ride the back of Brady. The team looks like they are serious about stacking up and finally, I mean finally getting back in shape to be real SuperBowl contenders. It’s about time they get back on track. Being good just hasn’t been good enough. It’s time to be great again.

-Joe C-

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