Chad Johnson — Ripped By Judge for Slapping Lawyer’s Ass

New England Patriots v New York Jets

As we all know, ole number 85 likes to be the focus of attention. On the football field, Chad Ocho Cinco was a sub par receiver, but definitely fun to watch. The other day he was in court discussing some previous charges and conditions of probation. In the video it appears he is very satisfied with the outcome that judge states to him and he decided to celebrate by smacking his lawyer in the ass in celebration.

No it was merely a pat on the butt, as one would do on the football field. Some hug, some shake hands, 85 likes to give pats on the butt. The Lady judge wasn’t to happy with this and sentence Chad to 30 days in jail. Really lady? She is obviously on a power trip or a pissed off Pats fan and/or knew that if she did such a sentence she’ll be a you tube sensation. It was a pat on the butt to his male lawyer, lighten up and focus on putting murders and drug dealers in jail, rather then wasting county jail space on a football player who likes ass play. Lindsey Lohan act like a little disrespectful disgrace to the human race and not see a day behind bars, poor 85 has to go in for 30 days, Don’t you think Chad is having it bad enough? His gf leaves him after an alleged headbutt, no NFL team wants him and now he gets to experience a group male shower.

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