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By Adam Mallet
As you can probably tell by now, I like putting things into a top 10 or a list format. It’s fun and puts things right in front of you without having to weed through unnecessary crap in an article. I just got back from my vacation in Australia so I have hot girls on the brain and since I write a sports blog I figured why not write about hot women in sports. Female athletes are getting more attention these days. Many of them are not only good at what they do but are extremely attractive also! After doing a little bit of research, I have put together this list of some of the top sexiest female athletes. So if your sitting around bored type in some of these names in your image database.

Anna Kournikova

– Tennis

Hot Meter: 10/10

Kournikova is a retired Russian American tennis player who I feel earns a special place on my list. She was an ‘ok’ Tennis player. I’m saying that to be polite. However, this woman was one of the first of a new breed of female tennis players. In other words, she was insanely hot when she was in her prime. Prior to Kournikova I always thought of female tennis players as lesbians, then Anna came around and changed all of that. Seriously, I dare you to try and find a female tennis player that existed before Kournikova that was more attractive. This got a younger generation interested in the game and now thanks to Anna the women’s Tennis world has quite a few sexy players..cheers!

Maria Sharpova

– Tennis

Hot Meter: 8/10

Sharpova is a Russian tennis player. I like to think of Sharpova as Kournikova 2.0. She is slightly less attractive. However, she is a much better athlete. She currently ranks at #2 in the world behind Serena Williams.

Sophie Horn

– Golf

Hot Meter: 10/10

Sophie is allegedly a professional golfer although her pro golfing credentials are about as skimpy as the clothes she wears for her photo shoots. Who cares! She is one of the hottest women in the sports world. Just google image search her. A female golfer should not be this hot!

Melanie Adams

– Pole Vaulter, Volleyball Player

Hot Meter: 9/10

Yes you read that right. She is a pole vaulter. I will resist the urge the let my inner teenager make a very obvious sexual joke about that. She is Australian and participated in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Alana Blanchard

– Surfer

Hot Meter: 9/10

Alana was born in Hawaii and is known to be one of the best female surfers in the world. She is also a Bikini model. A Hawaiian, Bikini model, surfer chick! Enough said, check her out!

Danica Patrick

– Auto Racing

Hot Meter: 7/10

She is the most successful woman in racing. She is also a model and advertising spokeswomen. Some people will disagree with me on this. I find her hot and wouldn’t kick her out of bed but something about her has always seemed a little ‘off’ to me. I can’t quite figure out what it is though.

Gina Carano


Hot Meter: 7/10

Carino was active between 2006 & 2009. At one point she was thought to be the third best female fighter in the world. She has since turned to acting and can be seen in the film Haywire and this summers Fast & Furious 6. For some reason the thought of an attractive women kicking my ass actually turns me on..yup I have issues.

Anastasia Luppova

– Billiards

Hot Meter: 8/10

Slavic women are starting to dominate this list. For the most part almost any last name ending in ‘ova’ or ‘nko’ seems to be a contender. However, this one isn’t a tennis player for once. She is a pool player. This Russian hottie is a two time European Champ and won the 2009 Miss Billiards competition.

Niki Gudex – Mountain Biker

Hot Meter: 8/10

Niki is an Australian professional mountain biker. While I can’t seem to dig up much on her career, she is listed as competing in both downhill & cross country disciplines. I know I would let her pass me anytime so I could get a better view. She is also a model and graphic designer.

Anastasia Ashley – Surfer

Hot Meter: 8/10

You would think with a name like Anastasia you would be destined for a stripper pole. However, Anastasia who self taught herself how to surf at the age of six has won several awards. She won the 2003 Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award. She has also taken home two National Scholastic Surfing Association Championships and a Professional Surfing Tour of America championship.

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