Tommy Brady Back on Funny and Die Again

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Now who says Tom Brady isn’t funny? Tom makes it back on Funny or Die for the second time now with his squeal to Tom Brady’s Wicked accent. After Toms performance it makes me wonder if he had a lot of built up anger from his super model wife dressing him up like a Ken doll all the time.

Don’t get me wrong he is a great quarterback and quite dreamy at that! I mean I mean push comes to insertion, I’d probably switch teams for him. The Pats are looking for a “Tight End” right now. Maybe I can play “Wide receiver”. I know, such originals.

Now after you watch the video, could someone leave a comment in regards to the egg shape headed guy in the video with the middle-eastern-fro. What’s that all about? He looks like if Adam Sandler and Dilbert had a kid.

Also here is the link to the first Tomy Brady Funny or Die Video, its a hoot!

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