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LaFell To Patriots And Edleman Back As Well


NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Tennessee Titans

The Patriots have signed Brandon LaFell to a 3 year 11 million dollar contract. They also got back Edleman, but haven’t released the actual numbers on the contract. On top of this they hosted Kenny Britt today and we will soon find out how that went. It looks as if the Patriots are up to the Patriots ways as usual on offense. Bring in a bunch of receivers and have them battle it out to see who will be starting come this fall.

The Patriots still have  Kenbrell ThompkinsAaron Dobson and Josh Boyce coming back this year. Danny Amendola is up in the air and we will find out what his situation is as well. I think there is a huge upside to some of the guys coming back for their second year. I expect to see Thompkins and Dobson put in some huge numbers next year. It had been reported that Dobson was spening a lot of off practice time with Tom Brady. They were working on plays and Brady was teaching Dobson where he wanted him to be. This is a really good sign with the Patriots. We all know that Brady loves playing with a hard working receiver and if they have open ears then he will get them the throws they need. Brady had worked with tons of guys and some work while some don’t. I think that Dobson and Thompkins will work next year.

Back to LaFell- I have been a huge fan of this guy. His numbers may not be huge yet, but I think he is the sort of receiver that when put with someone like Brady will explode. He is a very talented player and a great fit for the Patriots. I still would like to see a big receiver signing, but I am not sure that will happen. Either way I trust in the Patriots way and am getting really excited for the upcoming year. Lets not forget the Patriots have been beefing up their defense as well.

-Joe C-

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