Darrelle Revis Signs With Patriots


(photo via elitedaily.com)

Darrelle Revis seems to be joining the Patriots on a one year 12 million dollar contract. In my opinion this is a genius move by the Pats. Revis will be playing his top game on a one year contract looking for something in the future as well. At the same time I think that this is exactly how Revis likes things to be. He loves being able to decide where he goes or who he feels like signing with. I don’t blame the guy at this point in his career for being picky and wanting control.

Right After Aqib Talib signed with the Denver Broncos the Patriots made a bold move and went after Revis. This shows me that the Patriots are for real about seeking a SuperBowl win not in the next few years , but this year. 

Now who will they pick up next? Could there be a little more Cap room for someone like Jared Allen? We all saw this past season that the Patriots tried to squeeze by, but it just didn’t work. It’s time to be aggressive again and get some of the top players out there.

Brandon LaFell visited the Patriots today and apparently it went really well. The funny thing is that the word on the street is that the Jets and Broncos have now also shown interest in him. Is is just me or do the Broncos love going after anyone that even touches Foxboro?

It is early in the signings and of course more time and the draft will show us who else the Patriots will add to there squad. One thing is certain and that is the Patriots aren’t messing around anymore.

-Joe C-



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