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First Wes Now Aqib To The Denver Broncos


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According to ESPN The Denver Broncos and cornerback Aqib Talib have reached agreement on a six-year, $57 million deal that includes $26 million guaranteed. What is it with the Broncos picking up players that can’t seem to come to an agreement with the Patriots?

The Broncos apparently learned a valuable lesson this past SuperBowl and that was defense still does win championships. As stacked as the Broncos defense thought they were the Seahawks just seemed to shut them down to every degree.

It is pretty obvious that with a move like this the Broncos are desperately trying to make it back to the SuperBowl and actually win it this year. Is Aqib the missing key? He is a solid addition thats for sure. This is another tough loss for the Patriots and a huge gain for the Broncos.

-Joe C-

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