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Enough with this picture!


Enough with this picture of Obama “not saluting”. Most of you are idiots and don’t realize that the Marines salute as soon as Obama walks out of the aircraft and hold till he walks past. Obama had already saluted the two Marines before walking by them. The phone is probably just getting to his ear. That could of been an important call. He was just in the air, he is human and has a family too. You think the Commander in Chief isn’t going to salute his troops?? Especially when there are cameras everywhere?? Now Obama haters don’t take this as me being a Obama supporter. I’m just not quick to be pissed off at a picture I know nothing about!!!

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I am me and you are you!!! V-Prez, Veteran, bartender, joke writer, podcaster, formally known as Pledgemaster, Anna Kendricks future exhusband. And all around swell guy

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