Earthquake Rattles Off Coast Of Northern California


I  woke up to news this morning of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake rattling off the western side of Northern California. It was about 50 miles west of a city named Eureka. I received text from friends back east, but we didn’t feel anything up here in Seattle. The rip was about 10 miles deep and shook the coast, but didn’t do any damage at all. 

Eureka is an interesting city that is surrounded by the gorgeous Redwoods. This story attracted some interest from me because I actually stayed in Eureka last October. I was heading back from Monterey where I had just shot a wedding. Eureka is a decent little city that has everything you really need in it. It used to be a thriving logging town years ago and I am sure it was awesome place in its prime. Now it sort of just sits stagnant. A place passer byes stop overnight. It is only 270 miles from San Francisco, but you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

There have been a ton of aftershocks, but also those haven’t done any damage inland. This has done something though and that is raise talks once again about the west coast and the possibility of getting a major quake. Local news and the weather channel love to talk about this. Every damn city out west is “due” for a big one and with this off coast crackle you know we are going to here more and more about our chances.

Personally I really don’t mind the fact that yes there could be an earthquake here any second. I will take the mild winters and mild summers all year long until something like that happens. Honestly if something crazy like that did happen where I live, well I’d just hang on and go for the ride.

-Joe C-

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