Boston vs Chicago – A Sports History Rundown


As all of us know now, The Boston Bruins will be playing the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup final for the first time. Chicago and Boston are both original 6 teams, making this the first original 6 Stanley cup match up since 1979 where Montreal took on the Rangers. I decided to go back and see what kind of history Boston and Chicago have with each other.
The latest would be in the 2005 ALDS where the White Sox man-handled the Red Sox 3 game to 0. The White Sox then went on that year and won the World Series. The last Red Sox World Series win before 2004 was against the Chicago Cubs. The cubs have not won a World Series in over 100 years where as the sox went on an 86 year drought after that Chicago win in 1918 and have won two since (’04 &’07).
The Celtics and Bulls would never have a change to play each other in a finals, but have played in the playoffs. In 1986, Michael Jordan’s 2nd year, the Celtics beat the Bulls in the first round of the play offs. That would be the Celtics last win in 22 years, MJ and the Bulls would win 6. In 2009, one year after the Celtics won grabbed number 17, the Celtics would see the Bulls (Jordan-less of course) in the first round of the playoffs, and have beaten them in 7 games. Both teams since then have yet to win another Championship.
And of course the most famous matchup in Chicago/Boston history would be Super Bowl XX in January of 1986. The Bears and Patriots played head to head in America’s most epic event. The slaughtering the Bears gave the Patriots would always hang in the minds of New Englanders. At half time the Bears were up 23-3 and would go on to win that game 46-10. That was the very first time the Patriots ever made it to the Superbowl. Since then the Bears have only made it back to the Super Bowl one other time and lost to the Colts, the Patriots had been back 6 times since and have won 3. The 1986 Super Bowl win was also the Bears only Super Bowl win in Franchise history, although they do have 8 other NFL Championship before the Super Bowl Era. The bears however have been a team since 1919, the Patriots since 1960.
When you take the total amount of Championship wins for each city combining all four major sports and teams of the past and present Boston has 34 total titles and Chicago has 27. In those titles, the Bruins have 6 of Boston’s 34 where the Blackhawks have 4 of Chicago’s 27
The Blackhawks come into this Stanley cup final with the best record in hockey this year and winning the presidents trophy, but is that a curse. Statistically if a team wins the presidents trophy, they have only a 36% chance of making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. The last team to win the Presidents trophy and the Stanley Cup was the 2007-2008 Detroit Red Wings. The last team to win the Presidents Trophy and make it to the finals was the 2010-2011 Vancouver Canucks and they lost to who else but the Boston Bruins.
So whether you are superstitious or not, the winner of the 2013 Stanley cup will be decided in a week or so. Two great teams playing for second time in 4 years and trying to be the first team since the 05 strike to win multiple cups. Wednesday is game 1 and both cities will be going crazy. It will be fun and it will exciting and although it was a shorten season and the haters will be out there bitching that its not a true win, either way a Cup win is a Cup win. It will be one more title for either city and one titles closer to passing NYC as title city.
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