Where Would You Put An NHL Expansion Team?

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We all know the NHL Expansion talk has really started to heat up lately. I stated before that a huge group of investors headed up to Vancouver to study the operations of the Vancouver Canucks. I have been trying to dig up new information, but at the same time I thought it would be fun to get an idea of where everyone would like to see new NHL teams.

Gary Bettman the commissioner of the NHL stated that they are hearing interest from cities such as Seattle, Las Vegas, Kansas City and Quebec. I know that the Toronto area also is thriving and is interested in getting a second team as well. I personally think that if two teams are going to be added then they need to be on the west coast. If not both on the west coast at least one needs to be and maybe another somewhere in the midwest.

The Eastern Conference is already two teams larger than the west since the new realignment. Adding two west coast teams would just make sense seeing how both teams added will need to be put into the Western Conference anyway. I obviously would love to see a Seattle team because I live here and miss going to Bruins games. At least then I would have a chance to catch the Bruins on some road games. I would also support the new team here because it would be moronic for me not to.

If we look at where teams are two western teams would make for a nice rivalry out here. Not only do we have the Sharks, Ducks, and Kings to the west, but also the Oilers, Flames , and Canucks to the north. On top of that there are some teams close by to the east such as the Coyotes. Las Vegas would be an interesting place to add a team I think. Maybe the city residents wouldn’t care to support it, but think about how many visitors would attend NHL games while vacationing there. I know I sure as hell would.

Quebec deserves a team back , but so does Hartford. I just don’t think this is the right time with how the teams would have to fit in. Kansas City may be capable of supporting a team as well, but I’m not really too sure without more studies to see. So my question is where would you put a new NHL team? What cities are capable of supporting new franchises? Let us know!

-Joe C-



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