Roberto Luongo Traded Back Where He Belongs


Roberto Luongo may not have been a huge fan favorite for us Bruins fans, but I can honestly say I am glad he is finally back in Florida. It will be fun to see him face off against the Bruins numerous times each year. We almost got to see Timmy take the backseat to Luongo , but he was traded to Dallas shortly after acquiring Luongo.

The whole Luongo case has been such a joke. I have been routing for him to get the hell out of there for years. The Nucks management almost purposely screwed Luongo over and over. I’m certain there has been some bad blood between the two parties for a long time. Probably even deeper than we all know so far and hopefully someday we will learn about the whole situation.

The Nucks had probably the most dynamic goaltending pair a few years back and ended up trading Schneider and Luongo for garbage. Probably one of the most pathetic moves we have all seen in a long time. Kesler now is sitting around even though the Nucks would have been able to get a great deal for him. The management has lost it’s mind in my opinion and because of them their fans are watching the team crumble. Not rebuild, not fight for a shot this year( they aren’t far behind), but simply stay stagnant. What a joke.

-Joe C-

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