And Lets Talk More About NHL Expansion


The news here in Seattle on an NHL expansion team has been hitting hard. Earlier I spoke about a group of potential Seattle investors and business men heading up to Vancouver to dive a little into the Canucks world.

Well the more I dig the more I seem to pick up. According to the Seattle Times the group in Vancouver right now is headed by New York investment banker Ray Bartoszek, Chicago businessman Don Levin and the Steve Ballmer-Chris Hansen partnership. They are part of a 34 member pack interested in bringing a team here to Seattle.

The interesting part is that there is even talk of Bellevue hosting the new team. For those of you back east Bellevue is a small and upcoming city located right on the other side of Lake Washington from Seattle. A ten to fifteen minute drive at most. Yes rush hour could add a little time to that , but it is still in the Seattle territory. If a team did end up in this area they would have to play somewhere while a new arena was being built. The  11,000-seat Key Arena would host the team for a couple of years until that project was finished and ready.

Everything is adding up. With the Seahawks winning the SuperBowl this year the whole city went crazy. A huge party showing the support went on downtown and the city has been electric ever since. The fans have proven they are real and here to support their teams. Also the NHL is on a high right now after the Winter Olympics which tends to happen. What better time as I stated before than now to open up and release a new team into the NHL.

There have also been some unnamed sources stating that the NHL and its new ownership will hold some sort of press conference before June of this year. This has me awfully excited and I will continue to obsessively seek out new information.

-Joe C-

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