Vote Yes For a Casino in Revere Today – Feb 25th


So after East Boston said no way and 60% + of Revere said OK, Revere gets a chance to be soul owners of Massachusetts first casino with a yes vote today. As a 29 year resident and a person who works in Revere, I think this would be a great thing, not only for Revere, but bordering towns and the state as a whole. The Packie’s North shore headquarters is also in Revere, and we support this. If you live in Revere, go vote yes and this is why: (Taken directly from




Business Partners  

The Resort at Suffolk Downs will spend millions each year on goods and services from local businesses. According to a recent New England Gaming Research Project by the Center For Policy Analysis at UMass Dartmouth, a new casino at Suffolk Downs will work in conjunction with other casinos throughout the state to provide an estimated $3 billion dollar injection in new capital investment to the economy of Massachusetts.”


“Suffolk Downs has conducted comprehensive traffic studies and held countless meetings with East Boston and Revere residents, business owners and transportation officials. The result is an aggressive, $45 million plan to improve longstanding transportation issues, while addressing future needs. The forward-thinking plan will improve transportation throughout the neighborhood should Suffolk Downs earn a license to develop a resort casino. The program is part of a much wider program of community investment in Revere by Suffolk Downs.



  • • Signal, operations and safety enhancements to reduce wait times at key Revere intersections:
  • 1.) Donnelly Square
  • 2.) Winthrop Avenue
  • 3.) Harris Street and Revere Beach Parkway
  • 4.) Bell Circle
  • 5.) Route 60 and Revere Street
  • • Widening of Route 1A and a flyover at Boardman Street to keep through traffic flowing on Route 1A during peak times.
  • • Add missing ramp connections at the Route 1 and Route 16 interchange that will:
  • 1.) Reduce volume along the Route 60 corridor and Bell Circle
  • 2.) Unclog the Webster Avenue traffic signal
  • 3.) Improve access to and from Route 1A

 In Addition

Revere has some of the worst traffic issue on the north shore and if the casino goes in, Mohegan Sun will invest millions of dollars for improvements to make it easier for commuters and residents. Also Revere High School is falling apart, trust me I am from the class of 2002 and it really should be condemned. With the Casino bringing revenue into the city, a well needed new High School is in the plan. Also 2500 construction jobs and 4000 permanent jobs sounds like a no brainier to me. Plus 25-30 Million dollars a year to Revere from the Casino! What?! that’s crazy talk!? nope its a fact. The mayor of Revere supports this Casino because he is for a better and more improved Revere. Revere is home to the countries first public beach with about 2 miles of beautiful coast line and so much potential. It is minutes from downtown Boston and has MBTA access already here.  It will be a shame to let this go and pretty much hand it to Everett. Go Vote Yes today for a Better Revere tomorrow.

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