The Packie Bar Review – The Ritz Cabaret – Baltimore, MD


The Ritz Cabaret – 504 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231 –

Day of the Week Visited: Saturday
Review: Not a bad place considering what I expected in Baltimore. There was a wall bar when you first got in to your left and the dance strip AKA pervert row was to the right. drinks were prices, but it is a strip club. The cover was 10 dollars to get in also and beers started at 6 and mix drinks at 9ish. girls was alright. They weren’t pushy. The crowd was a mix between asian business men and spanish thugs, but never really felt unsafe there.
  • Vibe: 4
  • Beer Selection: 3
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff: 7
  • Food: na
  • Accessibility: 8
  • Seating area: 4
  • Total: 26 out of 40 (B)

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