The Packie Stock List – Third Shift Amber Lager


Putting lipstick on a Coors…..

I was tricked by the man. How could I be used like this? I seen the commercials for this Third Shift Beer and thought perhaps its was some type of craft micro brew. WRONG I was tricked. Coors Miller marking worked. It convinced me it was a craft company. Once i ordered it and had a taste I realized I was taken for a ride. Its nothing more then a slightly better tasting Coors Original with an amber tint. Its basically water with an after taste. There is very little taste of hops. The beers starts the same way it finishes, with a taste of water. If your a beer snob, then stay away and don’t get fooled like me, if you crew up in a trailer park, then rock on.

Brewed by… Coors Brewing Company (Colorado)
Style… Vienna Lager
Alcohol content… 5.3%
Price range… $

Arty’s Rating… 50

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