Hulk Hogan will Return on Februrary 24th 2014 on WWE Raw!

You read that title right! Hulk Hogan will return to the WWE on Feb 24. What will he do? Why has he returned? Will he wrestle? One Final Leg Drop? I think that Hulk Hogan is returning to host Wrestlemania 30 similar to The Rock for Wrestlemania 27 and to promote the WWE Network. Keep in mind that Hulk Hogan is 60 years old. If he wrestles again, who knows what might happen? If he hosts mania 30, I’ll be happy because Hulk Hogan is Wrestlemania. Plus it’s Wrestlemania 30, a milestone in Pro Wrestling! As of now, the raw, not Mania tickets are sold out! Stay tuned for more Pro Wrestling info from me, Quadree.


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