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Is an NHL expansion finally about to hit the news?


Jeremy Roenick has been in and out of Seattle lately meeting with a team of investors trying to land an NHL team. Roenick clearly wants to be the face of a Seattle franchise. He openly tried to get the Phoenix Coyotes to relocate here last year.

While all of us have been enjoying the winter Olympics the NHL has been secretly meeting about its soon and coming expansion. It has been said that news of this could come out right after the Olympics end while hockey is on a high viewing point. This would make total sense. Most of the world is at least noticing the talk about the winter mens hockey teams playing right now. What better time to put out a press release stating exactly where and when the NHL plans to expand than right now?

Of course there are a lot of cities that want in on this piece of pie. The top runners in my opinion are Seattle, Quebec , and Kansas City. All three of these cities provide the formula that is needed to support a new NHL team. Gary Bettman won’t talk much , but we all know that the NHL is up to something. Look at the recently new structured divisions. Theres obviously room in there for two new teams. The question now is where and when?

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