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Producers Corner – “American Hustle”


What a movie. It was a crime drama about con artist’s portrayed in such a way that it was funny. It was layered with Dark Comedy all over. You get to meet the characters and you find yourself going in one direction of who you are routing for and then the next thing you know you start feeling bad and switch. Christian Bale was an example of this bi-polar emotional roller-coaster.

Bale and Cooper were great, but he person who really stole the spot light was Louie CK. Who knew this guy could act. The character he played had me laughing the entire time even though he was in the movie for maybe 10 minutes tops.  Without giving to much away, the hidden humor that was created with such lines as “The Science Oven”, the ability of Lawrence to start a fire and Adams with that loveable accent she puts on. Not to mention what a kickass role Renner played. In “The Town” you hated this guy, in American Hustle I loved him. This is a fun action packed movie and the Robert DeNiro Cameo made me feel like I was watching “Good Fella’s” for the first time.

The Movie takes place in New York/New Jersey in the late 70’s and there is a good reason for that. The characters played to the time perfect. Go see this movie, you’ll enjoy it.

On a scale to 1-10, 10 being incredible and 1 being awful:

Release Date: December, 2013

Laughing Ability: 8 (Laugh through most of it)

Story line: 9 (Awesome plot and a really good twist at the end)

Character Development: 9 (You met the characters and got to know them on a personal basis)

Length 8 (A little long, but I was intrigued the whole time)

Overall: 8.5 (Great Movie, the actors kicked ass)
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