The Packie Stock List – Original Blend Downeast Cider


An Apple Juice for Adults…..

Ever drink apple juice and wish you can get drunk off of it? Well you need to try the Downeast Cider. Its a good time and it comes in a can so its shower and poolside friendly. From what I learned, it doesn’t use a cider yeast like most ciders do but its purely fermented apples. It taste like apple juice with a little kick. Would probably taste good with a little vanilla vodka floater, just saying.

Most ciders I have tried have a weird after taste that lingers, but this is very smooth and tasty. If you can get this, then grab it. I’m currently drinking this on draft and it taste great. It is actually a candidate for my keg-a-rater . I could probably drink these all day and not get heart burn, good time for this old guy who has acid reflex like a 90 year old man.

Defiantly try one of these. Its Boston Brewed and if New England knows anything, its booze and apples.

Brewed by… Downeast (Massachusetts)
Style… Cider
Alcohol content… 5.1%
Price range… $$

Arty’s Rating… 92

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