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Coffee with a Punch…..

Keeping up with the pattern of beers that warm you in a cold Boston day, I thought I would check out a nice Coffee Porter from the Berkshire Brewing Company in good old MA. This is the first time I have tried his delicious coffee treat.

At first taste, you smell the aroma of coffee. With a sip you can taste it and the finish is smooth as hell. No bitterness at all. It’s a type of beer you could start drinking in the morning for a Pats game and cap the night off around bedtime. It’s a little heavy and creamy with a nice head, so you got to be in to all that.

If you like Porters, check this guy out. I am drinking it on tap, but I’m sure it is just as good out of the bottle.

Brewed by… Berkshire Brewing Company (Massachusetts)
Style… Porter
Alcohol content… 6.2%
Price range… $$

Arty’s Rating… 90

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