The Packie Stock List – Purple Haze


A berry delight…..

I think i tried this beer once before. I was told it is the official beer of the mardi gra in New Orleans. The company is based in Louisiana. This particular brew is a light larger beer infused with raspberries. At first taste you can taste the berry and then it finishes like a summer ale, smooth and crisp.

It isn’t to over whelming and there is a slight after taste of the berry, but nothing to intrusive. Its a type of beer you can have 1 or 2. I couldn’t see myself drinking this all night, with a fear of acid reflex and a berry headache.

It is a great beer for the summer or a warm climate, but you have to like flavored beers, specially berry flavored.

Brewed by… Abita (Louisiana)
Style… Larger
Alcohol content… 4.2%
Price range… $$

Arty’s Rating… 69

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