The Packie Bar Review – Tavern in the Square (South Station) – Boston MA


Tavern in the Square (South Station)  – South Station , Boston, MA 02108 –

I have been to several of these locations around the Boston area (I even DJ at the one in Cambridge). I heard about this new location they put right in the middle of South Station in Boston. I figured I check this particular one because it is more of a shrunk down version of the chain.

This one has a very abbreviated menu with a few apps and sandwiches and a soup & chili option. It was a cold day so I figure I would try the chili. i like to consider myself a chili connoisseur and this one was pretty good. The only complain I wish I got a little more with it other then a small cup. I would even pay more for a larger option. There was a good amount of beef and beans and had a little kick, served with nacho chips.

The location is a little cold in the winter because it is in the middle of a train depot, but there really isn’t anything you can do about that. Also it is tiny. The bar is though a good size, but the seating area is small, but I understand it is for quick in and out while waiting for trains.

The bar staff was very nice and interacted well with the guests. Manager did come over to see how things were as well. If you are waiting for a train at south station, defiantly stop by this place for a full bar, several beers to chose from and a quick meal. This location unlike the others is not a night out place, but defiantly a good meal on the go.

  • Vibe: 6
  • Beer Selection: 10
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff: 9
  • Food: 8
  • Accessibility: 9
  • Seating area: 5
  • Total: 47 out of 60 (B+)

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