Hi, I was a writer on Wicked Good Sports Talk focusing on wrasslin news and I’ll be writing for The Packie about Wrasslin News! Here we Go!

ImageRecently, CM Punk has reportedly quit the WWE shortly after WWE Royal Rumble. CM Punk and the company always had issues with each other since Day 1. CM Punk got me back into watching wrestling again in Fall 2010 when he had the Straight Edge gimmick after I stopped when The Rock left the company. Fans believe that Cm Punk left due to Batista winning the rumble after returning 2 weeks before the Rumble. Fans also believe that CM Punk left due to issues with creative concerning Wrestlemania XXX or Daniel Bryan not being in the Royal Rumble. I watched Royal Rumble and I saw that the fans in attendance were angry and appaled that Daniel Bryan did not appear in the Rumble. People didn’t care about 1-29. Fans cared about #30. What was #30? Rey “Used to be someone in WCW-2009” Mysterio. People were chanting “Daniel Bryan”,  but out came Rey Mysterio. CM Punk has walked out before the Raw after the Royal Rumble Pay Per View.



Is this a Work?? Storyline? Personally, I think CM Punk’s leave was real and Vince is calling him daily.

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