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No medals for Russia in the bathroom category!!

It looks like it is a very uncomfortable pooping arrangements in Sochi. I have trouble peeing in a urinal next to another person, hell i cant even poop in a stall here in the good old USA next to another person. No wonder Russians always have such a stoic attitude, if you had to poop with in arms reach of someone else you’d have a nice stone faced look to you as well.



Whats with these rules for use of toilets. I can see some of them are just common sense, but why no standing up to pee?? I think is some private joke the Russians are playing on the world as if to say we are all girly men and sit when we pee. No throwing up in the toilet?? The streets must be filled with puke by all the bars, because i don’t know anyone that drinks vodka and does not puke. Fishing? Really no fishing? I hope Russians don’t really believe our expression “drop a brown trout” implies real fish. 



Put used toilet paper in bins provided??? So you are supposed to wipe your ass and then throw it in the bin instead of flushing it? That is just gross! Like there isn’t enough to worry about with terrorism and all now you have to worry about getting sick from other peoples poop.


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