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Rocket to Red Sox Hall of Fame


I know it’s not Cooperstown, but it is a start in the right direction for my all time favorite baseball player, Roger “the rocket” Clemens. I have an autograph baseball next to my bed of this guy. Its hard to believe my wife to be puts up with my shrine of beloved sports items inches from my face at night. When I seen the news that  ole number 21 was being put the in Red Sox hall of Fame with Nomar and Pedro, I wanted to go outside and make snow angels in the blizzard Boston is getting assaulted by, but I didn’t, I am an adult. So what does this mean on the big picture for Clemens? Well I hope it means that people will finally realize how great Clemens is and the reality everyone used performance enhancement drugs. Do people really think he was using them when he was kicking ass in the 80’s and mid 90’s? I can tell you when it probably started, if it did. It was probably when he was up in Toronto. The reality is why should this baseball great not be able to have his place in Cooperstown.

My bed and my Roger ball

My bed and my Roger ball

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