Super Bowl LII – Boston/Providence


Maybe not Super Bowl LII, but with the success of the last Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey (if you call not having bad weather a success) I don’t see why money bags Bob Kraft wouldn’t push for one in Foxborough, MA.

Here’s how it would go down:

Since Foxborough is in the middle of Boston and Providence, Rhode Island, The hotel and festivities would be split between the two towns, with Boston getting the fan fests, radio row and parties and Rhode Island getting some smaller press and some smaller events.

Public transportation is already set up. There is a commuter rail stop right at the stadium. The train leaves both Providence and Boston. A bus shuttle system could easily be done to keep cars from congesting the roads. The only thing that would need to be built is the flyover Kraft has been pushing for years to make a direct connection to I-95.

Between Boston and Providence, there are over 1000 hotels and motels in a 25 mile radius of the cities, so prices would be cheaper because of the competition.

Patriot place, a brand new mall complex built by Kraft at Gillette Stadium (which is barely 10 years old), would serve as a grand entry into the game with places to eat and plenty of actives before the game.

Like the last Super Bowl, this one would also bring money into 2 separate states, MA & RI

The only draw back? New England Weather is as predictable as Denver getting smoked at the Super Bowl this year. But doesn’t unpredictable weather make football the sport it is? tell that to the yuppies who get corporate tickets who want to be pampered. Screw the yuppies, lets make the Super Bowl for the regular Joe again, not the cousin of the CEO of Petco.

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