Producers Corner – “27 Dresses”


The movie 27 dresses came out a few weeks ago. It’s another romantic comedy that guys are dieing to see and most guys would rather die than see. The movie stars Katherine Heigl playing the part of Jane. If you’re a guy you probably remember her as the girl in “knock up”. She is basically a girl who becomes obsesses with helping out and going to as many weddings as possible, that she puts her true desire to actually have her own wedding aside.

Her world suddenly gets shaken up when her younger sister gets encaged with her boss, (Ed Burns). This upsets Jane due to the fact she has had a crush on her boss for many years now. A whole other element is introduced when she accidentally starts to fall in love with a man she secretly had a thing for years.

For a “Chick Flick” I found myself laughing through the whole movie. It was very funny and I would highly suggest it as a great date movie. I think the biggest mistake for the movie was they marketed it towards women only. Even some of the worse romantic comedies will spin previews towards a mans perspective to get them even the tiniest bit interesting, this movie did not and I think that will cost them in the end.

On a scale to 1-10, 10 being incredible and 1 being awful:

Release Date: January, 2008

Laughing Ability: 8 (Laugh through most of it)

Story line: 9 a little cheesy, but they made it work)

Character Development: 9 (movie did a good job defining each role)

Length 8 (Perfect length, everything feel in place)

Overall: 8.5 (The movie deserves more credit then it was given by the national media)

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