George Zimmerman vrs. The Game, DMX, or Kanye??


George Zimmerman is going to fight a black man for charity in a celebrity boxing match. The Game, has said he will do it and I’m sure Zimmerman would say hell no to that. He would be stupid not to. The Game’s raps scare me as it is I would never want to box a guy that angry. If you were a racist pig accused of murdering a black teenager, why would you step into a ring to fight an angry gansta rapper with a tattoo on his leg of Trayvon Martin? DMX has said he would do it as well, but DMX says he will break every rule in the book and even piss on him. Personally I would love to see both of them beat the holy hell out of Zimmerman.

 Zimmerman won’t fight either one because he stated he would like to fight Kanye West. Get this, because Kanye has attacked “defenseless people”. Now that I would love to see. Kanye get his face smashed in in a celebrity boxing match? Oh that would be glorious. That won’t happen because I’m sure George Zimmerman can’t fight hence the fact he has to carry a gun. So I say Zimmerman should be a man and take on the The Game, so all of America can watch online as The Game makes George Zimmerman bite the ring apron and get California curb stomped, for charity of course.

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