The Longest Yard Super Bowl

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So Met Life Stadium will be surrounded by snipers for the big game. I, like Holly Robinson Peete, have no problem with it. Well as long as its not Holly and her 21 Jump St. sniper team.I believe there should be a sniper team and heavy presence of security seeing how someone was already arrested because he was determined to kill George W. Bush in NYC. This Super Bowl is turning out to be a football game right out of The Longest Yard. I mean both sides defiantly have some potential future convicts on them. Cough Cough Richard Sherman, Cough Cough Von Miller.

With that I ask you who would win in the Super Bowl match up of Mean Machine ’74 versus Mean Machine ’04?  I believe the characters are different on each Mean Machine team so it comes down to which Paul Crewe would lead there cons to victory?

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