Is Spring Training here yet?

redsox spring

As we sit here at the end of January, all i can think about is baseball and that subway has the Janu-any campaign at full speed. With my plans for spring break (spring training) a little less than 2 months away, I cant help but to think how the Red Sox will do this year. Its 10 below 0 in Boston right now and about 65 in Fort Myers where the sox play. Get me to Ft. Myers. When I was asked last year at this time how the Sox would do, I had them finishing last in the Division. Boy was I wrong. I do still think for this team to be successful, they need to figure out who will be the starting pitching. There is no doubt the Buchholz is a tad on the injury prone, and who knows what we are going to get out of Lackey this year if anything. The Evil Empire to the south has made some moves adding to the arsenal of old and over paid players, whether they work out or not, we’ll find out in 9 months, until then go sox….and I mean go sox sign a pitcher 🙂

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