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Top Cities – #100 – Detroit, Michigan


City # 100 – Detroit, Michigan
Visited – 2007, 2010
Reason – Family lives north of the city, Seen a Tigers & Lions games

Now I know there are worse cities in the country. The act that i have been to almost 1000 cities in this country, making the 100 list is pretty impressive. I always thought of it as if you can’t be first, then you might as well be the first loser. I hate to be hard of Detroit. since everyone else on the planet is, but come on guys, get your crap together.

Detroit was famous for the automotive industries and made most of its money making cars and trucks, then the greedy CEOs decided they will save a few bucks and move everything over seas. Well when 80% of your city depends on one thing and then it suddenly goes bye bye, we have a problem.

Detroit is one of the best sports cities in the country though. I put them up there with Boston, Chicago and New York for their love for their hometown teams. The fans although are sub par at best. I got yelled at by a bunch of miserable old drunks at a tigers game for clapping for the Sox. Go sit on a monkey wrench Tiger fans.You can tell that in the 2000s the city was trying to survive on building the teams new stadiums, with hope to bring businesses in. Another attempt was hosting the Super Bowl there in the mid 2000s.

The city has a long way to go to be back to what is what many years ago. You know the city is bad when they bring in the city limits so they don’t have to fix or maintain utilities. There is an abundant circle around the city that you will never want to find yourself in. Listen if you ever want to visit Detroit, stay in the burbs and drive in and leave before dark


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