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Pro Wrestling Report: Jake The Snake Returns to the WWE!

Monday Night Raw was old school last night and featured a lot of legends including IRS, Arn Anderson, DDP, Booker T, Ted Debiase, New Age Outlaws, Too Cool, and many more. After Roman Reigns defeated CM Punk, Jake The Snake returned to a…relatively small pop and placed his snake, Damien on Dean Ambrose’s face. It was obvious that Dean couldn’t hold back his smile just for being in a segment with the WWE Legend, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake looks great and he looks the happiest I’ve seen since he entered DDP Yoga. Throughout his WWE career, Jake has always had drug and alcohol issues, but with the help of Diamond Dallas Page, he recently got into shape and stopped using drugs. He even stopped drinking. I’m 21, in college, and I stopped watching WWE when The Rock left in 04, then returned to watch in fall 2010, but even I marked out to the legends.

Watch The Return here and more on WWE’s Youtube Channel

Baltimore should be ashamed of themselves for that Jake The Snake Pop!

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