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Quadree’s Wrestling Thoughts: Predicting Returns at Royal Rumble

Happy New Year!!

Royal Rumble is slowly but surely coming and is one of the biggest PPV’s of the year. Royal Rumble will be held at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA on January 26, 2014. The Road To Wrestlemania is upon us and there are many rumors on returns to the WWE on January 26. Here are my predictions on who will return at the Royal Rumble



RVD returned to the WWE at Money in the Bank 2013 in ECW’s hometown, Philadelphia, PA. He is currently working on a short term contract and has stated he will return once again very soon. Can very soon mean Royal Rumble? It’s possible because Wrestlemania 30 is getting closer and closer. Can RVD finally be in a good feud since his lackluster feuds when he returned at MITB? I think that RVD will make his return at Royal Rumble to a huge pop for the Whole F’N Show.


Evan Bourne. Anyone remember Evan Bourne? I do. I remember Evan as the high flying tag team partner of Kofi Kingston and..that’s about it. He is a good wrestler and his high flying skills are very entertaining. It’s just that he doesn’t really have a personality, similar to Justin Gabriel. In March 2012, he was involved in a car accident which broke his foot in four places and dislocated it in five. Evan also violated two WWE Wellness policies before that and after a year long absence, he returned to WWE NXT on March 28, 2013, defeating Sami Zayn. Personally, I think that  Evan Bourne can make a great return to the WWE at Royal Rumble and possibly wrestle under his own gimmick as well.


Sheamus is currently nursing a torn labrum in his shoulder and according to rumors, training for a return to the WWE at Royal Rumble. I think the only way Sheamus could come back is as a heel/tweener. His babyface run, at first, was entertaining, then repetitive, then boring. As a heel, he could return as a monster Irish man who doesn’t care about anyone and he wants to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.



Jake The Snake Roberts is a WWE Legend and there are rumors of him making an appearance at Royal Rumble 2014. He has also expressed interest in returning at Wrestlecon 2013. Jake The Snake Roberts is a former drug and alcohol addict who recently reformed and became clean due to DDP Yoga and the help of Diamond Dallas Page. Jake The Snake would get an awesome pop from the crowd and wouldn’t win the rumble, but he could wrestle for the fans of old and new. Maybe we might see one more old school DDT and the original sell!!!

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