The Packie Stock List – Trinity IPA


The Skivvy…

A few weeks back, I was down in Providence at this shindig for the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Phoenix (the paper, for anyone in the dark.) Anyways, the bar there was cash only, and the lone brews on tap were from the local Trinity Brewhouse. Now, being a cheap bastard (and holding a light wallet), I figured I’d spring for the strongest ale in the lot while I still had some bucks to my name.

That ended up being Trinity’s resident IPA, clocking in at a healthy seven percent alcohol and a pretty darn good brew to boot. To be honest, I can’t say I exactly remember all the details about this one—fun night—but she’s definitely a hoppy, full-bodied beer worth giving a run if that’s your sort of pick.

Brewed by… Trinity Brewhouse (Rhode Island)
Style… English India Pale Ale
Alcohol content… 7.00% ABV
Price range… $$$

Johnny’s Rating… 80

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