The Packie Bar Review – The Horse You Came In On – Baltimore, MD


The Horse You Came In On – 1626 Thames St, Baltimore, MD –

Supposedly the favorite bar of Edgar Allan Poe. It is in an old brownstone, that is very narrow and walls and columns that make getting around a little challenging. They did have a satellite bar setup on the opposite side of the wall bar. The bar back actually gets in and out of the bar by climbing out the window. There was a cool acoustic band with a guitar player and drums with bongos. The crowd was cool and so was a music. There were a lot of people there, so getting back to the bathroom is a pain in the ass. once you found a spot to stand, you really don’t want to leave that area. No complains here. was very similar to many Boston bars I have been to. The Fells area of Baltimore is really cool with plenty of choices. There was also no cover.
  • Vibe: 8
  • Beer Selection: 5
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff: 7
  • Food: na
  • Accessibility: 8
  • Seating area: 3
  • Total: 31 out of 50 (B-)

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