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The Packie Bar Review – Max’s Tap House – Baltimore, MD


Max’s Tap House – 737 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD –

Checked out this spot on a bachelor party. I am a big beer snob, so I like places the have several varieties to chose from, specially local and rare finds.  This place had several tap and bottles and they provided a list with the options. The problem with the list is that it wasn’t in any particular order. Possibly splitting it up by kinds of beer, regions or colors may be a little helpful. I was a little overwhelmed to make a choice since it was late Saturday night and very crowded.

I had order one of the nitro IPA’s which was suggested on the website review. The guy behind that bar was prob in his 30s with glasses and was a Dick. They were out of the Nitro and he rudely asked me what I wanted and I told him and he was a being a sarcastic dink. I decided on another type of IPA and eventually got a white ale which wasn’t bad. Not sure what the variety of white ale it was. It may have been a hefewizen or a weissbier. It was pretty busy and had a good vibe. No dance floor or anything but it did have a weird crowd there that night. Kind of socially awkward people that were just weirdos. Not sure if this is a typical saturday night, but most place I go to don’t have people who go into the men’s room and scream they like penis and are gay.  We spent a good hour or so there and there was no cover which was good. If the people where more friendly then they probably would of got a high score, but oh well we all can’t be great like me.

  • Vibe: 6
  • Beer Selection: 9
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff: 2
  • Food: na
  • Accessibility: 7
  • Seating area: 4
  • Total: 28 out of 50 (C+)

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