Top Cities in North America Run Down

28 Jun 2012 --- A map of the United States created using recycled vintage license plates from all 50 states, mounted on wood boards. --- Image by © Design Turnpike/Corbis


Over the last 29 years of my life, I have been to many cities around the world but particularly most of my travel has been in North America. I have been to 48 states and two Canadian provinces in North America and I decided I was going to pick 100 of the cities I have either lived in, stayed the night or visited one time or another and explore them deeper. It was hard to get the list down to 100, although I wanted to include good, bad and average cities on the list to give a well rounded assessment of my experiences.

What will I be covering? Basically I will assess the city on night life, friendliness of the people, food and drinks, stuff to do, accessibility and everything in between.

Here are the cities I will be exploring (in order by state and not rank) over the next year I will be ranking the cities starting with number 100.  Where will your city land? got to read to find out.

84 – The Big Wasabi

Mobile Alabama
Scottsdale Arizona
Phoenix Arizona
Little Rock Arkansas
San Francisco California
La Jolla California
San Diego California
Huntington Beach California
Bullton/Slovang California
Los Angeles California
Sacramento California
Anaheim California
Oakland California
Denver Colorado
Mystik Connecticut
Norwalk Connecticut
Stamford Connecticut
Hartford Connecticut
Bridgeport Connecticut
New Haven Connecticut
Washington District of Columbia
Miami Florida
Key West Florida
Daytona Florida
Orlando Florida
Clearwater Florida
Pensacola Florida
Panama City Florida
St. Petersburg Florida
Tampa Florida
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Port St. Lucie Florida
Jacksonville Florida
Fort Myers Florida
Sarasota Florida
Cape Coral Florida
Savannah Georgia
Atlanta Georgia
Chicago Illinois
Indianapolis Indiana
Evansville Indiana
Cedar Rapids Iowa
Louisville Kentucky
New Orleans Louisiana
Portand Maine
Standish Maine
Baltimore Maryland
Columbia Maryland
Boston Massachusetts
Cambridge Massachusetts
Revere Massachusetts
Worcester Massachusetts
Springfield Massachusetts
Lowell Massachusetts
Detroit Michigan
Minneapolis Minnesota
Gulf Port/Bolixi Mississippi
Kansas City Missouri
St. Louis Missouri
Las Vegas Nevada
Rachel Nevada
Reno Nevada
North Conway New Hampshire
Portsmouth New Hampshire
Manchester New Hampshire
Trenton New Jersey
Albuquerque New Mexico
New York New York
Cooperstown New York
Buffalo New York
Fayetteville North Carolina
Cleveland Ohio
Cincinnati Ohio
Dayton Ohio
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Toronto Onterio
Niagra Falls Onterio
Portland Oregon
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Hersey/Intercourse Pennsylvania
Montreal Quebec
Providence Rhode Island
Charleston South Carolina
Columbia South Carolina
Dillon South Carolina
Sioux Falls South Dakota
Nashville Tennessee
Memphis Tennessee
Peigion Forge Tennessee
Dallas Texas
Houston Texas
Fort Worth Texas
Texakana Texas
Austin Texas
Salt Lake City Utah
Alexandria Virginia
Richmond Virginia
Seattle Washington
Millwaukee Wisconsin

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