Nasty sports injuries (video links included)


Injuries are a part of any sport. However, sometimes an injury is so bad and horrific the crowd gasps in horror. You don’t want to look, but you really do! So get ready to see athletes get sliced, broken and stepped on. These are some of my picks for the worst sports injuries of all-time.

Shaun Livingston-

I’m not going to lie, I actually couldn’t help but laugh a little bit when I saw this clip. How could something so simple as landing your feet on the ground go so wrong?! In 2007 while playing with the Los Angeles Clippers, Shaun Livingston missed a layup. On his way down, his left leg snapped laterally. Livingston injured almost every part of his knee and tore every ligament that ends in ‘CL’. The injury was so bad that the possibility of amputation was discussed. Amazingly enough, he came back from this injury and is still playing today.

Joe Theismann -

In 1985 the Washington Redskins quarterback was sacked by Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor. The Giants blitzed. Taylor got a hold of him. As he pulled Theismann down, Taylor drove his knee down into Theismann’s lower leg. The blow fractured his tibia and fibia. Boom! Career over! In 2005 Theismann graphically described the sound as “two muzzled gunshots” and it “snapped like a breadstick.”

Edgar Andrade -

Andrade was simply trying to recover and ball and well…..There are certain directions your legs shouldn’t turn. This is one of them. I don’t know how I would feel if I looked over and saw my foot was twisted in the other direction. I’m sure it doesn’t tickle. Amazingly, Andrade would return a year later.

Napoleon Mccallum-

In 1994 Raider running back Napoleon Mccallum would play his last game. Apparently, his cleat had a mind of it’s own and stayed stuck in the ground as he was twisted and tackled. This dislocated his knee. It might sound painful but just watch this video and tell me you don’t squirm a little. In the end, he tore the calf and hamstring from the bone and suffered nerve damage. yaaa career over!

Clint Malarchuk-

This one should be on the top of everyone’s list. In 1989 Buffalo Sabers goalie Clint Malarchuk had his throat slashed by St. Louis Blues player Steve Tuttle. Tuttle and Krupp became tangled up while trying to get the puck and slammed into Malarchuk’s goal. The skate sliced Malarchuk’s jugular. In a scene that looked like it could be from a horror movie, Malarchuk ended up losing 1/3 of his blood. A couple people in the stands actually had heart attacks from witnessing him bleed all over the place. As gruesome as it was to watch, he was saved by his trainer (an ex army medic) who reached into his neck and held the artery together until doctors arrived. That’s hardcore! It took 300 stitches to close the wound. This was probably the most graphic injury on the list. Luckily, it wasn’t career or life ending.

So next time you want to complain about your sore knee or bruised foot, think back about some of these guys.

– Adam Mallett

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